GFT3001 Master Oscillator Transmitter

GFT3001 Master Oscillator Transmitter


Greenfield Technology's GFT3001 Master Oscillator Transmitter delivers a serial datastream over an optical network to manage the synchronizer triggering and time base. The GFT3001 provides up to 2048 triggers to equipment distributed over networks and important areas encountered in large laser timing systems.

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• Provides synchronization for up to 256 delay generators
• 15 ps rms jitter
• Distance between equipment: up to 1 Km
• Interconnection: optical fiber


Timebase: 155.52 MHz
Accuracy: < delay x 10^-7


Single Shoot: Front panel, Ethernet or trigger input
Repetition Rate: 3 frequencies (1,2,5 between 1 kHz to 0.1 Hz)

Trigger Input

Trigger: +1 V
Load: 50 ohm

Optical Output

Connector: SC/PC with shutter
Power: 4 dBm mean
Rise and fall time: <1 ns
Reptition Rate: 155.52 Mb/s

T0 Output

Amplitude: 2.5 to 10 V
Load: 50 ohm
Rise time, fall time: < 2ns, <5 ns
Width: 100 ns to 10 µs

    • Option 1: 10 MHz input
    • Option 2: Synchronize up to 256 delay generators

    • Free drivers for Windows 2000/XP


Downloadable Datasheet, Product Manual & Other Resources