Scintillators & Detectors

YAP (Ce)

YAP(Ce) is a high density (5.5 g/cm 3) oxide crystal with a decay time approximately 10 times shorter than NaI(Tl).

Sodium Iodide Detectors

Sodium Iodide Detectors

NaI(Tl) scintillation crystals are used in most standard applications for detection of Gamma radiation because of their unparalleled high light output. In addition, the crystals also offer an excellent match of the emission spectrum to the sensitivity of photomultiplier tubes, resulting in better energy resolution.

Plastic Detectors

Organic (plastic) scintillators consist of a transparent host material (a plastic) doped with a scintillating organic molecule (e.g. POPOP : p-bis [2-(5-phenyloxazolyl)] benzene).

Dynode Chains & Electronics

There are many options and considerations for the back end electronics of a scintilation detector.


CsI (undoped) properties include fast, non-hygroscopic, radiation hard, and low-light output.




CsI(Na) is a non-hygroscopic, high-light output scintillator mainly used for applications where mechanical stability and good energy resolution are required. Below 120 o C, the CSsI(Na) is an alternative to NaI(Tl).



Cesium Iodide Detectors (TI)

Cesium Iodide Detectors (Tl) offer advantages of non-hygroscopic structure, no cleaving, and the ability to be read out using silicon photodiodes instead of photomultiplier tubes. 




CdWO4 is radiation-hard and has a very high density with low afterglow.

CaF2 (Eu)

CaF 2 (Eu), Europium-doped calcium fluoride, is a low-density scintillation crystal with a high light output. With its low Z value, it is well-suited for the detection of electrons (beta particles) with a high efficiency (low backscatter fraction).

BGO Detector


BGO has the extreme high density of 7.13 g /cm 3 and provides a high Z value. This makes these crystals well-suited for the detection of natural radioactivity (U, Th, K), for high energy physics applications (high photofraction), and in compact Compton suppression spectrometers.

6Lil(Eu) Detector


Rigol's 6Lil(Eu) Detectors have a high neutron cross-section as well as high light output.

6Li Glass Detector

Glass scintillator with enriched Li-6 content of 96%.