Multi-Channel Analyzers

Venus Multichannel Analyzer

Venus/Venus-E Multi-Channel Analyzer

Universal Direct PMT Connection

The Itech Venus and Venus-E are both universal digital Multi-Channel Analyzers that are integrated into a photomultiplier base. 


URSA-II Multi-Channel Analyzer

The URSA II is a universal Multi-Channel Analyzer that can be used with almost any radiation detector. It features the all-new quantitative Windows™ based software package that has been designed for ease of use in a 32-bit Windows ™ environment. 

DualADC Multi-Channel Analyzer

QuadADC Multi-Channel Analyzer

ADC/MCA Combination Unit
The Itech QuadADC is a versatile and modern high performance combination of ADC and MCA. The double NIM width module includes front panel inputs, gates, and busy outputs.
Orion NIM

Orion NIM

NIM Unit

The Orion NIM is a variant Multi-Channel Analyzer of the digital standalone system Orion. It contains the same signal processing but doesn't integrate the high voltage power supply.

Orion Multi-Channel Analyzer

Orion Multi-Channel Analyzer

Benchtop Unit

The Orion MCA, a spectrometer with 64K channels and 100% digital signal processing, is the latest and most advanced Multi-Channel Analyzer of its kind. The Orion features a 100 MHz 16 bit sampling ADC, an internal Linux computer, and internal high voltage bias supply.

dualMCA Multi-Channel Analyzer

DualMCA Multi-Channel Analyzer

NIM Compatible Unit

The Itech DualMCA is an embedded Linux-based high-performance Multi Channel Analyzer (MCA) compatible with virtually all NIM ADC brands.