ITECH Instruments

ITECH INSTRUMENTS specializes in nuclear instrumentation and spectroscopy software. Their products include tools for measurement and analysis in gamma spectroscopy and alpha spectroscopy.

WinnerTrack HPGe Calibration Software

WinnerTrack HPGe Calibration Software

WinnerTrack is an easy-to-use, sophisticated efficiency calculation and mathematical calibration package program for germanium detectors. It uses Monte Carlo methods and calculates the effective efficiency based on the detector characteristics and the user-defined acquisition setup.


Interwinner Spectroscopy Software

InterWinner Spectroscopy Software

InterWinner 7.0 is a universal nuclear spectroscopy analytical program simultaneously controlling up to 32 inputs. InterWinner provides different analysis engines for Germanium, NaI, LaBr and CZT based gamma spectroscopy as well as solid state Alpha spectroscopy.