Digital Delay Generators

GFT9404 Digital Delay Generator

GFT7016 - Optical Pulse Generator

Optical Pulse Generator

The Greenfield Technology GFT7016 Optical Pulse Generator provides four independent optical channels (SO1 to SO4) and two independent electrical channels (SE1 and SE2). For each channel you can adjust the delay from external trigger to any output channel by step of 1ps with a jitter of less than 50ps.

GFT9404 Digital Delay Generator

GFT9404 8 Channel

PXI Unit

The Greenfield Technology GFT9404, 8 Channel Digital Delay Generator PXI module provides four independent delay channels (T0 to T3). The delay resolution is 1 ps and external trigger to channel jitter is less than 50 ps.

GFT1404 Digital Delay Generator

GFT1404 8 Channel

PXI Unit

The Greenfield Technology GFT1404 PXI Digital Delay Generator offers eight channels with four completely independent delay channels (T0 to T3), and four auxiliary delay channels on the PXI bus (PXI trig 0 to PXI trig 3).

GFT1208/1218 Digital Delay Generator

GFT1208/1218 8 Channel Digital Delay Generator

cPCI Unit

The Greenfield Technology GFT1208/1218 Digital Delay Generator provides eight completely independent delay channels.The timing resolution on all channels is <1 ps and channel to channel jitter is less than 15ps.