Baltic Scientific


Baltic Scientific Instruments has specialized in the development and serial production of spectrometric devices based on silicon, high-pure germanium and cadmium-zinc-tellurium detectors since 1994.

Their products are applied in nuclear energetic and ecology, the geology and mineral resource industry, medicine and research activities, customs control, and other spheres.

In September 2010, Baltic Scientific was awarded first place in the "Innovative Products of 2010" competition for Latvian exporters. The President of the Republic of Latvia, Valdis Zatlers, and the country's Minister of Economics, Artis Kampars, awarded Baltic Scientific the award for its X-ray flourescent conveyor belt Con-X. BNC Scientific congratulates Baltic Scientific on this great honor!

The Handy

Hand-Held HPGe Detector

The Baltic lightweight Handy HPGe hand-held radiation detector is used to register Gamma and X-Ray spectra in environmental objects, industrial and agricultural products, nuclear power plants, and other organizations processing radioactive wastes.